What is blogging?

Blogging is a unique way to share your thoughts and is freely available for anyone to use. Blogging in the main is done using a third party providers although you can host your own blog on your servers. The latter method maybe the best option as you have some control over the bandwidth usage.

Free Blogs.

The internet is alive with blogs that can be used for free. Microsoft, Yahoo and Google all offer a free blogging service as does wordpress.

Blog hosting.

Your blog if using one of the above services will be hosted for you. This method takes away some of your abilities. For instance the way you blog looks is largely down to the templates that are provided by your blogging service. If you have some blogging software, then you are better off hosting your blog yourself.

How do you blog.

Once you have a blog account set up, all you need do is write. Any topic will do.


Blogging Information and Suggestions:

What is a blog? How do you edit and share your thoughts and ideas....And what Web Hosting and Social Media can do to help. Please read the following links:

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What is a Blog?

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